Some Brief Thoughts on Polarization

In these times of intense polarization between people and whole categorized groups of people, I enjoy doing my best to not engage in polarizing science vs. religion and any number of other concepts and people that, and who, are viewed by so many in binary ways. My career and life are committed to helping others to de-polarize as best as possible. This means doing ongoing, rigorous work on myself in expanding and shifting my own views of certain concepts and people, and doing so from a place of loving kindness, to the best of my ability moment by moment. Needless to say, this path of action is particularly challenging when uber polarized and polarizing people hold high political office. However, I am not complaining at all about this tall order and intention I have long committed myself to. I am grateful to the many I know who appear to walk a similar-minded– not necessarily the same, to be clear– path.

An example of how I apply practice to this path is my choosing not to ever re-post images of our current U.S. President, who I experience as an impostor in that high office, on my personal page over on Facebook. That feels like adding fuel to the already-active polarization of someone who has sadly chosen to step into the role of becoming a dictator.  In a more extreme, though sadly accurate, term, a bad guy is what he is acting like.  And this even though his own core Self, buried under burdens of old pain, is surely otherwise.  However, I actively engage in discussing Mr. Trump and the issues he exploits and inflames to divide us more as a people.  And while I vent about him and others holding political posts, I do so with the understanding that it’s all a single step within the bigger process of facilitating healthy, expansive change and stopping harmful, constraining change as much as possible.  Observing context and trying to shift it for the good of oneself and all over hyper-focusing (and, in doing so, often polarizing) on any single personality is what I try to remember here.  So many of these so-called “leaders” are not in their true Selves/right minds at all, as their words and actions repeatedly show.  I have no problem thinking and saying this while doing what I can to neutralize such individuals and groups from causing further harm and then wishing them well in their own private, free-from-power-over-others lives, which might include imprisonment where that is legally indicated.  Containing ongoing, polarizing causes of harm is often necessary.

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