In Memoriam: Rand Woodruff

Once in a rare while, a loss of someone hits me harder than I imagined it would or should. Such has been the case for me with a friend of mine, who died suddenly on September 29th, 2017.  This is what I wrote about him elsewhere:

Rand’s presence was fully present, including his love.  Right there, emanating from him. Amazing. If only more people in general could be themselves like Rand was able to be, the world would be a better place.  Earth has lost a profoundly wonderful human being in Rand, though his soul lives on, including through us all who knew and loved him, the way he loved us. I feel this is our charge in the world now, to lead with his love mixed inside of us, to live from that place of solid authenticity and calm yet fierce love. That is a big part of Rand’s legacy and it’s up to each of us to pass it along through living honestly from ourselves, our and his love.22256596_1692163207492293_1912699517033886683_o

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