This Pagan Loves Christ

As an eclectic Pagan, I am not at all anti-Christian. I deeply love and honor the teachings of Jesus Christ. I differ somewhat from Christ’s perspective about the human body and spirituality and the concept of duality of good and evil (and, more importantly, how to deal with this perceived struggle in nature and society). However, I think later followers of him, such as Paul, had more to say about these topics than Christ himself did, as he was quoted in the four Gospels. But, his overall teachings about loving thy neighbor, caring for others, and boldly challenging corrupt, overly-powerful elements of the establishment are all completely in-line with my own philosophy and political views. He loved all peoples, regardless of their ethnicity/race, socioeconomic class, etc. and he was impassioned about the inherent worth of every human being, long before that value was popular. Within my Paganism there is much Christianity to be found there, even though I do not personally use the latter label for my faith.

When I see so much judgment of others espoused and acted upon by so-called “Christians,” I challenge such thinking and actions as not being Christian at all, knowing in my heart that Christ himself would surely do the same. He would feel appalled at such verbiage and harmful actions said and done in his name. And he would feel justified rage, wanting to storm through, say, a money-grubbing, TV broadcasting mega church of today as he did with the money changers and corrupt priesthood in the temple of his day. Frankly, I feel more Christian inside than these ultra conservative evangelicals profess to be.

What heartens me deeply, though, is all the wonderful Christians out there, my husband included, who are great people, doing all they can to live by a loving spiritual teacher’s legacy. That is the majority of Christians, I am sure, and I hope history shows Christianity publicly being re-claimed by and for the loving masses of his followers and not still being overly-branded by evangelical extremists. Same, of course, goes for Muslims and their loving-minded faith.

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