Some Thoughts on White Supremacy

Here are some of my thoughts about “white supremacy” and diversity, though I believe they have probably been stated by others elsewhere. White supremacy (same thing as racism, from what I can tell) or any kind of monolithic, exclusionary thinking for that matter, can’t be sustained over time. Change keeps happening, change expressed in so many ways– increasing diversity, cultural pluralism, etc., and monolithic thinking gets continuously challenged at an ever-increasing rate by it all. That is why I think we poly-thinkers (polytheists, poly-whatevers, really) have a more adaptive, flexible way of perceiving, relating, and moving about in the world. Monoliths eventually topple. History supports this time and again.

The human brain is multi-faceted, made up of many parts, holding different perspectives. I find that maturity means making sure our many perspectives work in harmony together, from a good solid core of Self, but not from a monolithic, authoritarian understanding of Self. If you live from a consciously racist place, you have to exclude so much of reality, which requires an enormous expenditure of energy. Not very adaptive, or mature.

It’s vital that institutions, made up of many people with many perspectives (some not necessarily consciously examined and/or accepted), keep up with change and incorporate more ideas and diverse peoples to work for the greater good of society. They are best when not functioning as monoliths but as many-towered, many tapestried places of service, learning, etc. If they do not go more with the flow of change, we see what happens: they get crusty and filled with problems, such as the Catholic Church. (No insults meant in any way to my dear Catholic friends, btw, or Jesus for that matter, to be clear.) And then there’s white supremacy enshrined as an institution, now being actively chipped away via physical removal of statues that embody it. It’s a change and long in coming, though still not enough for me or so many of us. Still, it’s change and threatening to the white supremacist thinkers. But, it’s good change, painful as the backlash to it is that we are seeing of late. And we are and will see more backlash.

As much as you can, please try and hold the bigger, positive picture in view: White supremacy cannot be sustained and we are seeing the active struggle by some to keep that illusion– truly an illusion– alive.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on White Supremacy

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