Political Networking

Back in early February, I went to the Together North Shore Monthly Meeting one evening after work.  I was impressed with the wonderful coalition of groups working for great causes. The guest presenter was Martin Henson from Boston Black Lives Matter. I was deeply moved and encouraged, as were most of us, demonstrated by the standing ovation we gave him.

I managed to fit in some helpful networking at the end of the meeting. In doing so, I learned about an at-large city councilor of mine who is very likely a supporter of Beverly becoming a sanctuary city. So, that makes three (out of nine) Beverly city councilors allies, to my knowledge. (Interestingly, I’d already spoken on the phone with this at-large councilor, and registered my opinion with him about this cause.) I then talked strategy a bit with a fellow meeting attendee, who I know through the Beverly First Parish UU Church. This grass-roots alliance building towards then having a stronger collective– *not* unitary, to be clear– voice in local government is really where it’s at. I got a little energy boost I so very much needed and, with someone else, came up with the slogan/mantra: “Energize, strategize, mobilize.” It isn’t particularly original and I’m sure this phrase has been said before by someone else.  But, hey, it works for me. Of course, the actions don’t have to happen in that order, just as long as all three of them are kept going. Onward with the resistance!

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