One of Them

I am and have always been on the non-binary spectrum, not far from the middle, the middle being equally both male and female. Some of us lovingly refer to such “middle” folk as Two Spirits, of which I am proud to call myself one. I feel blessed to be comfortable in my body with my bio.-assigned gender. However, emotionally-mentally-spiritually speaking, I am probably at least 40%-45% female identified, though such measurement of this(these) multidimensional attribute(s) is(are) rather crude at best. Being a woman inside is a large part of who I am. To those few who know my female/Faery name and have seen how I’ve given open expression to her, they know I speak a deep truth. 

The reality is, a great many naturally identify as a unique combination of male and female, though society at large pressures each of us to solely identify with one gender. I am elated at the thought of serving more of my trans brethren and sistren. Our very existence challenges this gender binary point of view.  And I’ve always been right there as one of “them,” somewhere in the middle, in the mix, along that multi-spectrum. 

Please, everyone, live fully and happily as yourSelves, whoever and whatever that all is, because it’s ultimately good and beautiful. 

3 thoughts on “One of Them

  1. Thank you for sharing!!! Now I must know your fairie name?! I recently had the pleasure of supporting a “Two Spirit” male gender parent at the birth of his daughter. It was electrifying to support him emotionally and energetically laboring alongside his partner .. I need to connect you both.
    ❤💕 Keep educating me & sharing!


    1. Hi there. Is this Kim? If so, yes, my Faery name is Layla, which I rarely use, except among other Faeries! Sounds like you had a powerful experience helping to birth a Faery/Two Spirit’s daughter! The one time I experienced witnessing a birth was that of my sister. Take care, and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!


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