I saw WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES and really enjoyed it. I was deeply moved throughout the film, where we the audience get to personally know the main character Caesar and the apes around him even more than in the prequel. Frequent closeups of his anguished face and those of his compatriots felt very effective. Woody Harrelson played a believable villain, a military leader (colonel) turned zealot and dictator. The dynamic musical score helped to keep the vibe both suspenseful and poignant. Iconic imagery was laced throughout, such as the scene with a cherry tree in full, pink blossom against stark snow and mountains under which a blonde girl stands before the dark, troubled apes. She is a bridge of hope between the apes and humans. Beautifully tender. The film was emotionally compelling, well-paced, and a powerful allegory about how human civilization is at a crossroads right now as people collectively struggle to be more of a WE vs. an US/THEM society. I highly recommend this movie.

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