One evening last April, I watched FIFTY SHADES OF GREY on network TV.  This movie should be more aptly titled FIFTY SHADES OF FLUFF, largely due to the leading man (Jamie Dornan) being very cute but so lightweight that he lacked any believability as a young billionaire businessman who dominates women with S&M play in his spare time. Supposedly, Henry Cavill (the most recent portrayer of Superman on the big screen) was in the running to play the role, which would have been believable, not to mention screen sizzling. His intense sexiness and substance as an actor are genuine. Cavill probably turned the part down for assorted good reasons, not least of which because the script is often silly, cliche-filled trash and offensive against women. However, I found it quite funny in places and even campy in a few scenes, thanks to the actress (Marcia Gay Harden) who plays the leading man’s over-the-top mother as if she were in some ’60’s TV show or film. The college student ingenue (Dakota Johnson) who gets seduced into Mr. Grey’s sexcapades, on the other hand, is adorable, sensual, and very credible in the role. However, the premise of a wealthy man, who was sexually abused by an older woman in his youth and goes on to feel compelled to dominate and even beat women is downright misogynistic and disturbing. The film redeems itself a bit with a sensible ending. Not at all worth paying to view.  But I did get some good laughs.

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