Fading Inhibition

I completed the 2nd and final weekend of my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) back in early March. I felt tired but full of information and enthusiasm about further applying this wonderful model of psychotherapy, in conjunction with IFS.

As the “client” in my break-out practice group, I focused on the theme of healing from inhibition to speak out in public and large group situations. It was amazing how I was able to significantly (though not yet fully) address this anxiety in such a short time via the EMDR protocol. I look forward to having opportunities to work on this issue further and take some chances with speaking out more in local political venues, such as at the next Beverly Human Rights Committee meeting, in front of the Beverly City Council, or wherever.

Due to my heavy work schedule and personal life with my more quiet, domestic husband, I still haven’t actually spoken out in a public venue.  However, the thought of doing so feels less charged than ever.  I truly feel open to doing so when the opportunity arises.  It will be interesting to experience and observe how intense my stage fright actually feels then.

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